Digital Menu Boards and Digital Signage for Restaurants

Powerful tool to Engage Customers

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E Concept supply and install Digital Menu Boards with CMS, Digital Signage & Video wall Solutions for Restaurants in UAE.

Digital menu boards are a cost-effective solution for keeping prices, products and promotions up-to-date. They enable restaurants to

  • Incorporate full-motion video into their menu display
  • Instantly update menu items to account for last-minute changes
  • Make changes to prices for single or multiple locations
  • Scheduling and day parting to display different menus for different times.
  • Green friendly — eliminate printing costs.

Digital Menu boards also allow businesses to maintain branding consistency across multi-location franchises. By adding a digital menu board, restaurants can

  • Easily update menu items, images and keep prices up-to-date
  • Maximize upsell opportunities and daily specials
  • Entertain customers while they wait for their food
  • Alternate menus with messages and announcements
  • Eliminate costs associated with printing menus
  • Maintain branding consistancy across multilocation franchises
  • Manage remotely over the internet from anywhere

Best Prices for Digital Menu Boards in Dubai

The way the food looks is important, both in affecting the buying decision and making customers happy. Digital menu boards not only make dishes look appetizing, they also bring a level of efficiency to the industry that is unprecedented. To take advantage of this, numerous food service businesses have implemented restaurant digital signage to enhance their branding efforts and increase efficiency.

Here at E Concept, we have many years’ experience in designing, supplying and installing Digital Menu Boards, Digital Signage Solutions & Video wall Systems for Restaurants, Fine Dining, Fast Food Restaurants, and Cafeterias to grab and hold attention.

Our team of digital signage experts installs landscape or portrait, large or small display solutions;, we will work with you throughout the process to ensure that the end product meets your needs and expectations. To know more about our projects & clients, contact us.

To know more about our Projects & Clients,contact us

We're here to help. Call 058 914 8865 for your Restaurant Digital Menu Boards, Digital Signage & Video wall requirements