Intruder Detection Systems for Businesses

Installing reliable alarm detection solutions is the easiest way for businesses to help prevent break-ins. E Concept can design, install, service, and monitor effective security systems for businesses in a wide range of industries including commercial, retail, healthcare, financial, education, government.

We utilize the very best wireless and wired alarm technology to protect what matters most to you, from motion detectors, glass-break sensors, magnetic contacts or sensors, and other electronic security devices. Our skilled installation team will build a comprehensive, alarm security system that can detect any unauthorized attempt to access your site, protecting your property, people, and assets. Some of our systems have a modular design and different communications options, so you can tailor them to your needs. You can choose from wired, wireless or hybrid solutions.

E Concept offers a flexible range of communication options for connecting with the system complemented by an attractive range of interfaces and sensors. Our dedicated technical team provides a range of service levels for our customers through annual contracts. From 24x7x365 service for mission critical infrastructure to low intensity support arrangements, our contracts cover your requirements.


  • Flexible Communications for Alarm Signaling
  • Alarm Verification by Image Sequence
  • Multiple communications options
  • Mobile App
  • Flexible expansion
  • Door Control Module (DCM)
  • Proximity Reader – MAX4
  • Wireless Options
  • Standard Connectivity
  • Audio Interface Module
  • Part set functionality
  • Up to 4 annual holiday & 4 weekly schedules available
  • Multiple user interfaces
  • Auto-detect function for faster installation
  • Full compliance

E Concept is Right Choice for all Your Security, Signage & IT Needs!

Intruder Alarms