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E Concept is one of the leading Video Wall Solution Provider in UAE. We supply and install Video wall Systems to Clients in UAE.

A wide range of industries and situations can benefit from having a video wall screens installed. Here at E Concept, we have many years’ experience in designing, supplying and installing video wall systems and digital signage solutions for retail, education, restaurants, hotels and airports, to grab and hold attention. Our video wall products give you the control you need, whether it’s making critical decisions, expressing your brand, educating students, managing operations, or otherwise.

Our team of specialist video wall installers are well experienced at fitting systems into any setting. Whether you want a landscape or portrait, large or small video wall, we will work with you throughout the process to ensure that the end product meets your needs and expectations. Our experienced engineers successfully installed more than 100 video walls in UAE, KSA & Oman.

Our Video wall system is customized to help you achieve your goals. From conference rooms to emergency operations centers, and from cctv control room center to utility and traffic management centers, our purpose-built video wall solutions do more than get the job done–they get the job done smarter.

E Concept provides complete video wall solution with Displays, Video wall controller, Brackets & Complete Installation, Testing, Commissioning. 

At E-Concept We Provide

  • Video wall displays – LCD and LED Video walls.
  • Video wall Controllers
  • Video wall Software
  • CCTV Control Room Video Wall.

Industries We Serve

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Video Walls for Retail & Shopping Malls


Video Walls for Hotels


Video Walls for Restaurants


Video Walls for Hospital

Benefits of Video Wall System

Benefits of Video Wall System

  • No resolution limitations
  • Clear image brightness and quality in every setting
  • Flexible hardware layout options
  • Processing power
  • Extensive content manipulation options
  • Signal versatility
  • Looks modern and sharp
  • Less Maintenance Required

For all Your Video wall Requirements

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